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Zombie Shooter is a classic FPS survival game where the main target is to shoot deadly zombies who try to replicate themselves and grow large in numbers.

Zombie shooter throws you into the arsenal of dead zombies where you get no second chance of survival if you get affected from the ebola virus, which turns humans into deadly zombies.
The homeland doom is getting closer as the humans are infected by the ebola virus and turned into walking dead Zombies around who demolish any living thing they catch or hit, and whose bite is infectious to all humans. This is the time to take action against ebola affected species and save your homeland.
You are trapped inside zombie arsenal and cannot be released. Dead is rising and you are the only soldier who survived …. But how long?? Hiding and waiting for death is not the solution. Go and target all of the zombies which make the land a zombie apocalypse.
The only way left for you is to target these zombies otherwise this will be the day of dead for you. Your mission is not only to survive but also to shoot down the zombies with modern weapons and Guns.
You have to show your real sniper shooter skills in the evacuation of these dead zombies.

- Several first person Shooting Modes
- shoot down Zombies and clear the area
- Endure zombie attack
- Find several items for survival
- Experienced 3D Shooting time

- Access All Modern Zombie Shooter weapons.
- 6 different shooting guns for zombie death
- Slide on top left to change weapon
- intense zombie-blasting action Gameplay
- Stunning day and night city environments.
- Additional Raining Scenes
- Smooth and Easy Controls


Zombie Shooter.apk 42 MB

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